What made you decide to become a DJ? Do you love music? Do you want to express your creativity and skills at the same time? DJs have their own reasons why they started in this career. However, there comes a time when they also get affected with DJ burnout. This greatly affects their career, either by making them quit the industry or at least slow down.

Reasons Why DJ Burnout Happens

It’s not easy to become a DJ because it takes time, effort, and money. Just how much did you pay for your van so you can become a mobile dj? You need to build your reputation first before people will even consider hiring you for gigs. However, there are still DJs who get burned out no matter how hard they’ve tried to love what they do.

Here are the possible reasons why DJ burnout happens:

Losing Interest In Music

Some DJs retire because they’ve lost their interest in music. They don’t feel any excitement when listening to songs, even up until this very day. This is a serious case of DJ burnout and it could be caused by several factors, such as stress from work or having experienced a negative event recently. It’s important for DJs who have lost interest in music to take a break from the rave scene so that they can somehow find their way back.

Changing Careers And Quitting The Industry

There are times when people get tired of what they’re doing and decide that it’s time for a change – including DJs. However, the reason why they want to change their careers isn’t always because of tiredness or boredom. It could also be related to their personal lives, such as having an argument with their significant other and deciding that they need time off.

Stopping Because Of “Cheating”

This is one of the common reasons why DJs retire. They stop because they’ve started to cheat their audiences by mixing tracks that are not well-blended, playing tracks that are out of sync, or simply being unoriginal. Sometimes, DJs can be easily tempted to do this because they know how annoyed people get when there’s a mistake while performing. Other times, DJs just want to show off and become more popular than ever before – even if this means giving up on their originality and making fake mixes for social media.

Mental Exhaustion

Like any other job, music is not easy so it takes effort and hard work in order to be successful. This is the reason why DJs end up burning themselves out, especially if they’re not getting any support – whether this support is about their music or their personal lives. They spend hours and days making sure that every track is well-mixed and ready for a performance.

Too Much Work And No Personal Life

Most of the time, DJs perform at events which means that they don’t get enough sleep and rest. Sometimes, they can even work almost 24/7 because this is how important their job as a DJ is. As a result, most DJs burn out because of exhaustion and mental fatigue from working too hard with no proper rest. If you want to avoid being burned out as a DJ, then it’s best to maintain a balance between work and personal life.

Working As A DJ Is No Longer Fun And Exciting

This is one of the biggest reasons why DJs get burned out. It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve tried to love what you do, it may happen that your passion for music fades away. You don’t have any motivation or inspiration anymore so there’s no fun in the process of becoming a DJ. When this happens, just know that it’s best to take some time off from performing as a DJ because being burnt out all the time will only make things worse.

How To Deal With DJ Burnout?

DJ Burnout happens for a variety of reasons and it happens to any DJ. When it happens to you, here are a few things you can do.

Take A Break

DJ burnout is something that should not be ignored because it can affect your career and even your lifestyle. If you know or feel that there’s a reason why DJ burnout happens, then you might want to take a break and rest yourself for a while. Go on a vacation and spend some time with your loved ones especially if you’re having family problems. This way, you’ll have the chance to clear your mind from all the negative vibes at least for a little while.

Be Creative In Your Own Way

Since DJing takes creativity in order to succeed, taking time off from it could also be detrimental to your character as an artist. So if possible, try coming up with new ideas during this time off. For example, you could try coming up with a new style in DJing or producing your own tracks. Try experimenting with different types of music instead of focusing on one certain genre all the time.

Be Patient With Yourself

When you get burned out, it’s only natural that getting back into things is going to be hard especially if you’re just starting out. So don’t rush yourself and take your time picking things up again. It might help if you start exploring more genres and learn from other DJs who are successful in performing even when they’re tired and exhausted. Remember that music will always be there so don’t stress yourself too much! However, avoid forgetting about trying to balance work and personal life because both these factors can lead to DJ burnout.

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