As a professional scratch DJ, I’ve often been asked about the most critical hardware for the competing scratch DJ.  For me the answer is simple:  for me it’s a controller.  If I had to prioritize where to spend money on a rig, this is where I spend my money to buy the highest quality gear.   So with quality in mind, and after an exhaustive search covering thousands of reviews and online providers, I’ve narrowed your search to the following five DJ Controllers.

In terms of quality, functionality, versatility, and affordability (in that order), here are the best DJ Controllers for 2017:

No. 5 –Pioneer XDJ-RX

Pioneer XDJ-RXThe Pioneer XDJ-RX DJ System was designed to be used without the accompaniment of a laptop, which has been a huge advantage to convenience and a glimmering star of the DJ industry. The XDJ-RX instead of a laptop, all the software needed to store, edit and manage files is available from the Rekordbox software system. This state of the art music management software comes included with the XDJ-RX.

The XDJ-RX also receives high marks for being a precision tool of artistic precision. Its innovative slip mode allows for greater creational freedom and this only an example of the many features that enhance creativity. While it is not the most affordable item on our list, the advantage of no laptop is a huge bonus.

No. 4 — Numark NVII

The NUMARK NV DJ Controller for Serato DJ features Dual-Display Screens & Touch-Capacitive Knobs for a next level DJ controller unit. Touch capacitive knobs allow you a greater range of motion and versatility in your music as you can craft sonic masterpieces with the slightest tap of your finger. The large displays allow for better domination of the sounds that you mix with precision visualizations. In addition to the large bright digital display units and compact design, the NUMARK NV DJ is also surprisingly affordable. For quality, performance and affordability made this a finalist for DJ Controller Unit 2017.

No. 3 — Denon MC4000

Denon is a prestigious name in the highest echelons of DJ achievement and it’s good to see a new production from the manufacturers of the formidable MC6000MK2 Dj Controller. They have recently introduced the fabulous MC4000 unit and the function and design is outstanding. For those looking for a controller that a function as an extension of your musical core, this is the option for you. In addition to the dual mic outputs and balanced XLR outputs this DJ Controller is nicely wrapped in a stainless-steel casing for extra durability.

While you may think this would make the Denon a costly investment, the original asking price is just under $400. It has also received some of the highest ratings for sheer fun, but grab them quick as prices are expected to rise.

No. 2 — Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2

There is significant industry genius applied to the design and operation of the latest edition of Pioneer’s flagship controller. You can expect all the cutting-edge features seen in the original model and plenty of new functions as well. The Jog latency has been greatly improved in this edition, hard to believe, but this makes the scratching even more responsive than it was already. Then you can also receive precise visual feedback through multi-colored performance pads. The DDJ-SZ2 also features the latest edition of the Serato DJ, Serato FLIP and Pitch n’ Time includes so you can basically start making noise right out of the box.

The one comment that could be made about this DJ controller is the ponderous girth it features. By the same measure, it is a sturdy and powerful boom box that has a place of honor in some of the hottest nightclubs on the planet.

No. 1 — Denon MCX8000

The Denon MCX8000 is arguably the last word in efficient DJ Controller Technology and the choice for professionals and beginners alike. Furthermore, for taking command of a DJ booth and thumping the building to its foundations there is no better tool. It is a standalone unit so you won’t need a laptop. The system features the powerful Engine 1.5 and Serato DJ as well. Encased in a solid steel chassis this is a unit for the serious DJ who will be shuffling a unit from gig to gig.

The MCX8000 also feature a superior sound quality and effects in 24-bit digital quality. It also features s XLR outputs for a PA system and DJ booth options. The Denon manufacturers really pushed this latest edition to the limit and included all the large screens and tactile perfection on the well-appointed controls

In Conclusion — the most important thing to remember when purchasing a DJ Controller for your specific use is what that use will be. It is always a good idea to gain some experience on various types and styles of controller before making the large investment. If you have a good idea of the types of sounds you hope to produce you will have an easier time choosing the DJ Controller that will allow you to express yourself creatively. FigueroaDJ Gear2017 dj controller reviews,dj controllersAs a professional scratch DJ, I've often been asked about the most critical hardware for the competing scratch DJ.  For me the answer is simple:  for me it's a controller.  If I had to prioritize where to spend money on a rig, this is where I spend my money...DJ Delphins Professional DJ Blog