Considering a career as a DJ? Perhaps you’d like to be in the mobile DJ business?

While your equipment is extremely important, figuring out how to differentiate yourself from the herd of other DJs is the key to success.  In marketing circles they call this “creating a strong brand”.

A brand is a product, service, or concept that is publicly distinguished from other products, services, or concepts so that it can be easily communicated and usually marketed.  For club DJs brand is everything, so cultivating a strong one can keep you bookings strong as long as you want to stand up in the DJ booth.

From a beginners perspective I wanted to share some of the actions you’ll need to take to build a strong DJ brand.

Checklist To Start

Having a brand will make it much easier to market yourself because you have something to promote. At the bare minimum, you need to create the following:

  • Your DJ name
  • A Logo
  • DJ photos
  • Your DJ bio
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Your DJ Website

When creating a brand as a DJ, you should think of yourself as a business. Most of the successful businesses in the world today can be easily identified by their brand and logo. These are representations of the business and this is also what you should do when creating yours.

Your DJ name and your logo is a quick representation of what you have to offer. Before creating them you should think about what you do and what’s unique to your services. In that way, your target market will choose you among others.

Make A DJ Name

Do you already have a DJ name? Your DJ name is very important because it will also represent your brand. If you still don’t have one, here are a few tips on how to create one.

  1. Use Your Own Name – Some DJs use their own real name. It already sounds great, why change it? Sometimes some use a realistic sounding name that’s different from their real name. This is because they’d want to separate their real-life from their DJ-life. This is what most part-time DJs do.
  2. Use A Variation Of Your Name – You can also use a variation of your name if you want your DJ name to sound close to your real name. You can shorten your name, change a few or add some more letters, and even make it sound foreign.
  3. Use Your Nickname – Another name you can use is your nickname but make sure it sounds great as a DJ’s name. If you don’t have a nickname, you can simply make-up names you’d like to be called. Surely you’ve thought of some cool sounding name to give yourself. You don’t have to use a first name and a surname. One word may be enough. Examples of these are Fusion, Chrono, Snow, Enigma, and Luck.

After thinking about a name, you should do a simple check on Google to figure out if there is already a DJ who is using it. If no one is still using it, then you’re in luck. Go ahead and check if the website domain name is still available. Your name plus a .com in it would easily be remembered so don’t hesitate to purchase it while you can.

Draft Your Logo

Designing your logo is very important when it comes to marketing your DJ business. It appears on your website, social media profiles, business cards, fliers and even merchandise that you offer.

A recognizable logo can also be used as a substitute to the DJ’s name when printed in press releases or event info materials. When it comes to the design, you can do it on your own if you have the gift but if you don’t think you can, it is perfectly fine to hire someone else to do it for you.

DJ Photoshoot

It’s best to have a photo shoot with a professional for your DJ photos. You can use these photos anywhere as promotional materials. You can add them to your website to give a face to your DJ name.

High-quality photos taken by professional photographers can also reflect your seriousness about your business. Sure you can do wacky stuff just to show that you’re a fun Dj but the quality should be prioritized.

Before you publish those photos anywhere, take a look at them and see if they are portraying what you want potential clients to think of you. Action shots are great but also make sure you have a few headshots to show professionalism even while you’re having fun.

Your DJ Biography

When writing your biography, you should also think about the flow. Make sure to add some highlights and don’t write something that’s too long. It should be about you as a DJ. You may write about your influences, how it all started, your style and genre, any achievements you have, links to your social media profiles and how to book you.

Don’t forget to have your work proofread for any typos, spelling or grammar errors, nothing scream amatuer like simple spelling mistakes in your bio.

Social Media Profiles

Your social media profiles can help you market yourself for free. It’s a way to interact with fans and clients. You can also place free samples of the mixes you’ve done in them.

Make sure that your website name and the names for all your social media profiles are all the same so people won’t get confused.

The DJ Website

Not all have a website and this is optional but it is also a great way to let others feel your online presence. Your social media accounts can be blocked but you can always post what you want on your website.

You can also fill your website with your biography, press releases, samples of your work, photos, booking information and merchandise. You can even generate leads by having an email newsletter sign-up. FigueroaDJ AdviceDJ Businesscreating dj brand,dj branding,dj marketing basicsConsidering a career as a DJ? Perhaps you’d like to be in the mobile DJ business? While your equipment is extremely important, figuring out how to differentiate yourself from the herd of other DJs is the key to success.  In marketing circles they call this 'creating a strong brand'. A brand...DJ Delphins Professional DJ Blog